I’m definitely not the biggest make up person. In fact, I rarely wear make up and if I do, it’s typically just mascara. I’m not a make up hater, but I am not artistically talented and also don’t care too much about making the effort.

However, I follow two really great beauty gurus/vloggers – Desi Perkins & Lustrelux (Katy). They are gorgeous, talented, funny, and great to watch on Snapchat! Anyway, they always have great things to say about Colourpop cosmetics so I decided to give their matte liquid lipsticks a try.

I ordered Chi which is pretty knew from my understanding. You can purchase/ view it here:


So, I wore it for the first time last weekend. At first, I was kind of afraid it was too similar to my skin tone and would look a little funny but I think it ended up being a great nude for my face. I tried it with the corresponding lip pencil but liked it a lot more on it’s own. Overall, I was really impressed with the product & it was only $6! I love a great deal. Follow my style IG: StyleForLyss  where I share great fashionable deals for less (or “lyss”). Here’s the picture of me sporting Chi. 

IMG_6205 (1)

Til’ Next Time,




2 thoughts on “Chi

  1. Can’t wait to try out this lip colour, I love ColourPop!! Wanna check out my blog?

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