Seattle, WA


Whenever I can take a few days off of work, I love to travel! I love being able to see new places, learn some of their history, and experience something fresh. In March of 2015 I went to Seattle, Washington for the first time. My boyfriend and I planned the trip extremely last minute. We purchased a getaway package from Jet Blue on a Tuesday and flew out Saturday of that same week!

We planned most of our activities / things we really wanted to do beforehand. When we first arrived, we took the Link Light Rail from the SeaTac airport to the Sorrento Hotel which is a little east of downtown. The hotel was old fashioned but so cool! The staff was very sweet and they had the cutest bar inside the hotel.

After getting settled, we decided to start exploring the Seattle Waterfront which houses the Seattle Great Wheel. If you’re not afraid of heights, the Great Wheel is a must.



That night, we went out to the Capitol Hill area for bar hopping. The Unicorn was my favorite bar out of all of them! They had circus themed decor and games in the basement area. Very different from any bar I’ve visited in Orange County.

Over the next couple of days we explored Seattle and all of the marvelous activities / sights it has to offer. The Colombia Center is a corporate building that is extremely tall, so they offer one of the highest floors as an ‘observation floor,’ similar to the Space Needle. I actually liked the views more than the Space Needle view, with the only downside being that the Colombia Center is indoors only.



My boyfriend is a big soccer fan and we were lucky enough for opening day to occur the week we were there! I’m not too into soccer but seeing Century Link Field was a great experience and being apart of a vibrant crowd was a very exciting addition to our trip!

We also took an underground tour which was extremely informative in terms of the history of Seattle. It’s great to learn about the places you’re going rather than just seeing it’s beautiful sights. Ever since that underground tour it’s become an unspoken rule that we try to take one on each city-like vacation we embark on.


Then, we visited the Space Needle! Because it’s a must in Seattle, right?! Views were amazing.


Other things we did included eat delicious food, visit Pike’s Place Market, take a peek at the first Starbucks, visit Seattle University & University of Washington, and some other walking trips. Public transportation is pretty easy to use and actually walked for most of our trip and took the occasional uber/lyft. Overall, Seattle was an amazing place to visit and I hope to return soon!

Happy Travels & Til’ Next Time,



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