Thrifty Fashion Finds in OC


Hi Fashion Friends!

So – I love to wear cute outfits. I like to plan outfits in my head, I like to shop way too much, I like to look fabulous, but most of all, I LOVE A GREAT DEAL! Some people to like to shop at Nordstrom, Saks, etc. I’m not that girl. I like to find the cutest clothes at the cheapest prices. I’ve always been this way.

I just love to save money. No matter how much money I make at my actual job, I still love to save money for many reasons. Top reasons being I have student loans to pay off from my Master’s program and I also love seeing my savings account add up, don’t we all? Saving for that dream home, ya know? Anyway, all my friends know that I love a great deal in all aspects of life – but especially saving on fashion forward clothes.

I’m gonna share some tips on the cutest places in OC with cheap clothing and my tips +tricks for shopping online.

OC places with cute clothing – 

Fashion Young in Westminster / Huntington Beach. It’s basically on the border of both cities. It’s close to the Bella Terra. Find the exact location here: It’s one of those hole-in-the-wall fashion boutiques with tons of clothing at a cheap price. I recently stopped by this week and got two jackets and a body suit for somewhere between $50-$60 which I think is a steal. I haven’t been able to photograph them so I’ll post similar items to give you an idea of what I picked up.

Lustrelux - Trench Vest Example.PNG

I picked up this nude/khaki trench vest which I have been on the hunt for! I was so happy to find it. I believe it was only $18.99.

Black body suit.jpg

I also picked up this black body suit for about $15 I believe. It’s perfect for Vegas to pair with leather pants/a skirt. I picked it up just in time because I’ll be in Vegas at the end of this month for a friends birthday!

Short Pink Trench.jpeg

The last item I picked up was this short trench type coat in a blush/nude color. It was the most expensive thing I picked up there at $20 which is still an amazing deal!

Overall, I definitely recommend the shopping at Fashion Young because it’s affordable & stylish. It’s not the most organized store, so it’s important to go with an open mind & ready to hunt!

Another one of my go-to places in OC is called Closet 21 in Garden Grove: Closet 21 is a lot more organized than Fashion Young. It has trendy, in-style items, and is reasonably priced. They carry a lot of statement jewelry at affordable prices which is something Fashion Young lacks.

Next one – Laura’s Boutique. I’m not the biggest fan because I haven’t received the best service, but Laura’s Boutique typically does have cute clothes. They post most of their items on the Gram so it’s easy to check out what they’ve got in stock. Their IG name is: laurasboutique and you can also check out their website: I typically stick to only accessories there.

Those are the places I frequent in Orange County. Other than that, I typically stick to Target, Ross, H&M, & Old Navy. 

H&M carries the best coats and you can almost always find them on sale. I find that I get a better deal when I shop H&M online (sale section). NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE SALE SECTION!!!!! I know we typically thing that sale items are there because they’re ugly or not fashion forward but that is false. Most clearance/sale section items are cute as heck and it means we’re in luck.

I like to shop online because stores typically carry more clearance/sale items online rather than in-person. Also, I am a huge fan of using Ebates. If you don’t use Ebates, you need to start! It’s heaven sent. It’s easy;You make an account, download the plug in for your browser (this is an optional step but it makes it easier for me), and shop away as you normally would. Most retailers offer cash back at different percentages. You get money back for shopping online. Isn’t that great? Sign up using the link below if you’re interested; There is NO catch, I swear. I actually found out about it through Lustrelux & Desi Perkins.

For example, I just bought my dad a new television for his birthday through and I ended up getting like $5 back, not much, but like I said, I’m a saver!

Anyway, back to online shopping, Old Navy & H&M have the best online shopping sale sections. Ross has the best handbags/shoes. That’s basically all of my tips+tricks for now. I’ll post again as I remember then and I’ll post photos as I shop more!


Happy Shopping Fashion Friends! & Til’ Next Time,



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