Cincinnati, OH


In December of 2015, my boyfriend & I packed our bags again. Instead of going somewhere as a couple, which we usually do, this trip included his dad & brother. We went from LA/OC to Ohio! None of us had ever been to OH and we were all excited to visit.

Above being excited to explore a new place, we were excited because this trip was not only for pleasure. We were actually going to watch my boyfriend graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a Masters in Criminal Justice! Both myself and his family were so glad to be able to see him walk and make an entire trip out of it.

We flew out of LAX on a Wednesday night / Thursday morning (red eye). Red eye flights always sound great in theory because of the fact that you’re not wasting so much day time flying, but you’re also so freakin’ tired once you finally land. I can’t sleep on planes for long and I hate sitting for a long period of time.

As soon as we landed in Cincinnati we picked up our rental car and could feel just how different it is from California. The first place we stopped at was a Waffle House outside of the city and it seemed like all the patrons were locals who knew each other. Very different than the feel we get in Orange County.

Some of the highlights of the trip included exploring the University of Cincinnati, strolling through the downtown area, bar hopping, mural viewing, eating lots of delicious food, taking an underground brewery tour, and of course – watching my bf graduate with a Masters!

The University of Cincinnati is beautiful! The architecture around the entire city is so different. The majority of Cincinnati is covered in old buildings with a modern twist on it or modern buildings surrounding them. It’s very interesting and diverse looking!




The bar hopping was the best in Cincinnati! We went out on a Thursday night and the bars were open later than the ones in Orange County so that was a definite plus. “Dive Bar” in the University area is a go-to. The one bartender there was so chill and it was, without a doubt, a dive bar.

The skyline was so beautiful and the muruals are in a prime location. Also, the brewery tour was very interesting. People in Cincinnati were once pretty heavy drinkers; at least that’s what I learned from the tour.

IMG_4786 (1).JPG








IMG_6273.JPGOverall, Cincinnati was an amazing place to see and I’m so glad we were able to make a trip out of it! Each of us had a great time. I’d definitely go back to drink some more craft beer, take more tours, and live it up!

Safe Travels! & Til’ Next Time,




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