I’m going to Portland, OR!


Hi Travel Friends!

My birthday is in May and I’ve been thinking of something fun to do to celebrate. I always love taking trips but wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go. I was debating between a 5-7 day trip or something a little shorter. For some reason, I like to save longer trips for the summer time. I have no idea why I like it that way, but I do. I guess it’s part of my Type A personality.

Anyway, my boyfriend & I decided Portland, Oregon would be a great place! We wanted to go when we took our trip to Seattle but didn’t want to rent a car and make the drive. So now’s our chance 🙂

I am super excited! We are going May 12-16th and I believe there is a whiskey festival that weekend. I’ve never been to Portland so that adds more excitement. We’re both really into nature and hiking so I bought myself new hiking shoes in preparation.

Who’s been to Portland? Or lives in Portland? Comment below or use my contact form to give me some tips on where I should go or what I should do! Do they have an underground tour? I love those. Let me know!

Safe Travels! & Til’ Next Time,



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