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It’s been a while since I wrote. Life happened. I’ve wanted to update pictures and stories about my vacations and my life. I’ve also considered writing about issues that I think are important to the world, such as the election, issues in society, etc. I’ve held back a lot about sharing my personal opinions but I realized that’s why I want my site to be about. Caring. Caring about an issue, a person, society, politics, life. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I do hope that people can seek to understand my views and educate me as I hope to educate you.

I saw the below linked article on LinkedIn. At first, I thought it was going to be an article trashing homeless individuals and I could already feel myself being annoyed or angry. Let me start off by saying this, I have always had a soft spot for homeless individuals. Since I was younger, I always wondered why people were homeless. Why was everyone else finding a way to survive and fund their lifestyle yet these people sleep on the streets and have trouble getting money to buy food?

One time in middle school, our spirit week had a day to dress like a “bum.” I didn’t participate and it saddened me that not only would student’s think of that as a “spirit day” activity, but that the ASB/Leadership teacher would actually approve it. I remember thinking “that’s so sad…when homeless people see these kids walking home it’s going to make them feel bad about themselves.”

Years later, I started dating my boyfriend (who I’ve known for many years) and he had just gotten at a homeless shelter. A shelter that houses homeless single adults for months until they could save, get a job, and try rent a room or studio and get back on their feet. I applaud the work he does, for it is not an easy job. I was able to learn so much from him and I truly gained a deeper understanding for why things are the way they are, some of them are touched on in the above article.

Sometimes homeless individuals are felons, addicts, alcoholics, domestic violence victims, someone who filed for bankruptcy. You never know who you’re seeing. The thing about being homeless: it’s hard for people to see your value. It’s hard for employers to look past your dirty clothes and take you seriously about a job interview. It’s hard for society to think anything other than “get a job,” “lazy,” etc. And just like mentioned in the article, do people seriously think a job at Walmart paying shitty wages (I don’t support Walmart or Sam’s Club and probably never will) will house a single adult and pay for utilities and food and all the things necessary to live a basic life? It’s not as easy as it sounds.

I saw one guy comment on the article saying that sometimes people choose their addiction over a job. Great. Well that opens up another can of worms. People who are addicts are typically arrested for possession or similar things. Should those folks be in jail? Probably not, they should be in rehab.  Free rehabs having long waiting lists. Other rehabs? They cost THOUSANDS. I understand running a business and wanting a profit, but it is disgusting to profit so much over other peoples misfortunes (I’m talking expensive, luxury rehabs – think about the “Passages” in Malibu commercial always on).

The thing is, people are homeless for many reasons. Many unfortunate reasons. We need more help with substance abuse, mental illness, justice system, etc to be able to even make a change in homelessness.

Empathy. Understanding. Love. It truly would make the world a better place to be.


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What It Means To Date A Strong, Direct Woman


I read this article about a year ago and am still so in love with it. I actually bookmarked it on my phone, so everyone once in a while I go back and read it again.

What It Means To Date A Strong, Direct Woman

I relate to many of the points they mentioned. Here’s to strong, direct women!

Happy Reading! &Til’ Next Time,